Seeking Coordinators

2012 GHCSA Coordinator Role descriptions

updated 4/12

As a CSA coordinator, you will:
  • attend 2 hour monthly meetings with the other volunteer coordinators
  • take part in coordinator email correspondence and decision-making, responding in a timely manner
  • assist at signup events before the start of each season
  • coordinate a set number of distributions during the season
  • be the face of the CSA -- be able to answer questions or direct them to the appropriate coordinator
Other tasks vary, depending on the coordinator role. Volunteers should be able to contribute at least a few hours each month to help with CSA planning and logistics.

Job Descriptions:

Work Shift Coordinator:
  • manages signup and data entry of member work shift calendar
  • emails all members reminders of their work shift, and sends list of volunteers for each distribution to coordinators
  • responds to member requests for rescheduling work shifts, or when in need of reminder of dates
  • tracks work shifts to ensure all members fulfill their required volunteer time
  • addresses any physical disabilities or challenges for members to find ways for them to fulfill their work commitment to the CSA
  • creatively addresses CSA's needs by matching member's skills to fulfill demands (core volunteer's skills)

Membership Coordinator:  
  • plans & hosts regular member signup events
  • secures location
  • creates & updates & prints & delivers all materials needed including sig up sheets (csa copy & member copy) & brochures & other information
  • brings all sign up supplies (pens, laptop etc)
  • authors CSA info packet "About us" / mission statement / farm info etc
jessica reed,
May 31, 2012, 4:38 PM